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DRCOG maintains a large amount of spatial and tabular data that is crucial to regional planning and policy decisions. This data can be searched by keyword or browsed by subject. Spatial datasets can be previewed with OpenLayers (map viewer) and are available in a variety of formats, including KML, WMS, GeoRSS, and Shapefile.

To request additional information about DRCOG's data holdings, please send a message to geospatial@drcog.org.

When referencing DRCOG data, please use this format:
"Dataset Name" Regional Data Catalog. DRCOG, Publication Date. Web. Access Date. <URL>.

"Municipal Boundaries" Regional Data Catalog. DRCOG, 29 Apr. 2015. Web. 4 Dec. 2015. <http://gis.drcog.org/datacatalog/content/municipal-boundaries-2015>.

Title Description Last updated Data Formats
2035 Regional Bicycle Corridors System Vision Regional bike corridors as determined for the 2035 Metro Vision Regional Transportation Plan. Updated in 2009. Shapefile WMS KML
2040 Metro Vision Road Network 2040 Metro Vision roadway network, as derived from the DRCOG Linear Referencing Sysetm (LRS) 06/22/2015 Shapefile WMS KML GeoRSS
Assisted Living Facilities Assisted living facilites from the DRCOG Network of Care site. 06/05/2017 Shapefile WMS KML
Bicycle Facility Inventory Inventory of Bike Route Data from different jurisdictions for the entire DRCOG Region 10/04/2017 Shapefile WMS KML
Bike Share Stations This data is aggregated from various bike share programs in the DRCOG region and is updated annually. Data is currently collected from B-Cycle Denver, B-Cycle Boulder, and Zagster Westminster. 04/24/2017 Shapefile WMS KML
Block Groups (Census 2000) 2000 Census Block Groups within the DRCOG region 04/01/2000 Shapefile WMS KML GeoRSS
Block Groups (Census 2010) 2010 Census Block Groups for the state of Colorado. This data also includes Census 2010 Demographic Information. 04/01/2010 Shapefile WMS KML
Blocks (Census 2000) 2000 Census Blocks within the DRCOG region, now including population 04/01/2000 Shapefile WMS KML GeoRSS
Blocks (Census 2010) 2010 Census Blocks for the state of Colorado. This data also includes Census 2010 population and housing unit counts. 08/01/2011 Shapefile WMS KML GeoRSS
Census 2010 Field Definitions (For attributes already in 9 Downloadable Census Geospatial Datasets) This table provides definitions for census code fields in the following 9 data sets available in the Regional Data Catalog: Census Combined Statistical Areas, Census School Districts 2010, Census County Subdivisions 2010, Census Zip Codes 2010, State of Colorado Census Boundaries, Census Core Based Statistical Areas, 2010, Tracts (Census 2010), Colorado Counties with Census 2010 Demographic Information, Census Designated Places (Census 2010). 10/08/2012 Excel