Arvada Community Profile

1. The Community Profiles comprise a variety of data sources including the 2010 Census, the Census Bureau’s American Community Survey and internal DRCOG data sources. The American Community Survey is heavily used because it includes data that was not collected by the 2010 Census and is regularly updated for all communities.
2. No Data indicates that no data was available.
3. Transit shown in the map includes light rail, HOV, and HOT lanes.
4. Recreation, Parks and Open Space includes federal, state and locally designated open space and parks, as well as special use and recreational areas.
5. Commuting to tables: This data is simulated from the FOCUS travel model and may in some cases be overestimated because DRCOG’s travel model currently does not limit the number of commuters to the number of jobs available.
6. Land Use and Focus model data are internal DRCOG data sources used in our modeling efforts. These data represent simulated data and should be treated as estimates. They are not comparable to the data presented in the 2011 Community Profiles or to ACS and Census data.